Welcome to the Laboratory of Biological Electron Microscopy

We use high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy to study neurodegeneration and other protein systems. We also develop novel imaging technology in the areas of electron microscopy hardware and applications, sample preparation, data collection schemes, and data analysis software systems. The Stahlberg group is supported by the University of Lausanne, Faculty of Medicine and Biology, and by the EPFL, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Physics Institute. The LBEM is a research laboratory of both UNIL and EPFL.

Our most recent lab events

We went to the Leysin skiing resort, 35 km from our lab. This was late in the year, the snow was starting to melt in the lower regions. But up on the top the conditions were still excellent.

Julika joined us in November 2023 as senior scientist working in method development

Vishal has recently been accepted in the material science and engineering PhD program.

Massimo joined us as a postdoc working on method development in February 2024

Chinmay joined us in March 2024 as a PhD student working on method development. Welcome!

Early Christmas lab Dinner

The set up was beautiful!

What a year we've had!

Some of our PhD students went to the Lemanic Neuroscience Doctoral School Retreat

Beautiful view from the conference venue

Marta got the price for best flashtalk! Congrats!!!

Kazadi presented her work on a poster...and was very excited about it.

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